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Showing 1–12 of 30 results

– What is an IGET Hot?

Among the array of disposable vapes offered by IGETVAPEAU, the IGET Hot series emerges as a top favorite. This cutting-edge disposable vape features a high-capacity 1600mAh battery, delivering an impressive 5500 puffs. With a diverse range of flavors, we’ve curated a list based on retail sales data and personal preferences to help you explore your next favorite vape experience.

– How much nicotine is in the IGET 5500?

IGET Hot boasts a nicotine content of 5% (50mg/ml).

– How long does an IGET Hot last?

The IGET Hot, the latest innovation from IGET, is gaining popularity among Australian e-cigarette enthusiasts. With a whopping 5500 puffs, it stands as the longest-lasting IGET Vape. Daily usage and puffing habits are pivotal factors in determining the device’s longevity.

Rough estimates based on different usage patterns:

– 100 puffs/day: Lasts up to 50 days
– 200 puffs/day: Lasts around 24-26days
– 300 puffs/day: Lasts approximately 15-18 days
– 500 puffs/day: Lasts for about 10 days

– How much does IGET Hot vape cost?

Discover competitive IGET Legend prices online for genuine products:

– IGET Hot Bundle (3PCS) – $90.00
– IGET Hot Box Mixed Flavors (10PCS) – $285.00
– IGET Hot 5500 Puffs – $31.00

Explore IGET Vape Price for additional product pricing.

– Can IGET Hot 5500 puffs be recharged?

No, the IGET Hot cannot be recharged. It is a disposable device with a built-in battery that lacks a charging port. Once the battery is depleted, the device can be responsibly disposed of.

– Where can I buy IGET Hots?

For purchasing IGET Hots, the best option is the internet. As the official IGET Store, we assure you of genuine IGET vapes and top-notch service. Trust us for a reliable and secure online shopping experience.

Explore the IGET Hot series, featuring the latest in disposable vape technology, and indulge in a seamless and flavorful vaping journey.